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Zx+ is the solo project of Twisted Wheel's bass player, Stephen Evans. This is the first release from Play and Record Records.


released June 19, 2013

Musician: Stephen Evans

Sam Clayton, Stephen Evans
Nina Smith, David Short, Katy Merrington, Sam Clayton, Stephen Evans



all rights reserved


ZX+ Manchester, UK

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Track Name: He Said He Was A Taxi Driver
He said he was a taxi driver, but he couldn't read the roads
He said he was a taxi driver, but he didn't know where to go
He even painted taxi driver, on the side of his car
He said he was a taxi driver, but didn't get them very far

He took off the handbrake, then turned on the wipers
And put down the pedal, then shouted out the noises for the gears
Without a steering wheel to steer
It really was a funny car
And didn't get them very far

He said he was a taxi driver, when they asked him for his name
He said he was a taxi driver, when they put him in a jail
He even scribbled taxi driver, on the walls of his cell
He said he was a taxi driver, there's problems with his mental health

He run out of prison, and hid in a skip
And then in the morning, climbed back inside his super taxi car

You know it really isn't my fault
I just pretend I've got a job
I read the paper in this car
That someone robbed and tore apart
You see it hasn't even got
A working gearbox or a clock
But it makes me feel so proud
When I'm not noticed in your crowd
Track Name: Sickly
He lives on a hill on his own
He doesn't like living alone
But whenever he opens his mouth
Sickly badness falls out
But he loves
He really loves them all
He burys himself in the ground
He dies when there's no one around
Because he loves them
Because he loves them all
Track Name: Kiss Kiss
Have you spent another day, staring at a screen?
Thinking of funny things to say, for a status they might read?

We're drowning in this hollow
Digital sorrow
I love you never leave me

So plug yourself in and download straight from your memory
The twilight past will live forever, for eternity

We suffocate enough
But these keys are broke, they're stuck
And my lungs are filling up
Track Name: Dolph
Born in Sweden
Master of chemical engineering
With the highest results in his class
Third Dan black belt
In Kyokushin, I'm not sure what that is
European champion two times

Then he moved to New York
And decided he wanted to act
As Drago, in Rocky 4
But Stallone was too sly for his plan

Then came He-Man
Super fighter and mindful with jokes
This was the first of his blockbuster roles
Wooden, dead pan, a poor mans Arnold
Were words used to review how he'd done

And I do disagree
The critics couldn't see past their clone
Good old Dolph joined the KGB
In Joe Zito’s Red Scorpion video

Universal Soldier
With Van Damme is an all time classic
Lundgren born for the role Andrew Scott
But those writers
Wouldn't leave GR13 alone
So he teamed up with Schwarz and Stone Cold

Nostalgia, search for youth
Nullify desperate moves for TV
Now instead, you're presented
With scripts of sequels for the big screen
The return of Lundgren
Is on its way being filmed in Japan
And A New Dimension
Will be the movie where Dolph gets Van Damme
Track Name: Sectret Wars
His every instinct says run and hide
But curiosity plagues his mind
Now he's hooked and that fishing line
Drags him into the unknown

On the first of May
The shops were full
Of the Secret Wars

In a flash he is gone, he is sold
To a world unexplored and unknown

The stars shine brightly, everyone is here
The good and bad divide is unclear
An 18 ft giant metal man commands
And takes his energy away

With Doom offering out his hand
To those who just don't understand
That their dreams are more selfish than
The prize at the end of this world

To fight only proves what we are
Mere microbes on a slide, on a star

So he flies off in his spaceship
With his mind always racing
Then he crashes
Show compassion
Fire at them

On the first of May
The shops were full
Of the Secret Wars
Track Name: Rebecca
Rebecca, things are different today
The things you said last night have woke up in a different way
Rebecca, I can't help think about that knife
The one you nearly used when your boyfriend went on strike

I've never understood why you live on your own
'Cause you're a pretty girl and you own your own home
But if you took a shovel I can guarantee you'd find their bones

She said that I was arrogant, I told her to fuck off
She reckons she can see things and that she can talk to dogs
She's tangled up in tarot cards and books on star signs
She dunt know what she's looking for and dunt know what she'll find

She struggles to find anyone to listen to her talk
She smothers them and wonders why they get up and walk
So make up make believe atrocities so you're not on your own

Her theories and philosophies are scatty and vague
The fiction in the books she reads is never the same
So get away from me it's plain to see this girl has gone insane
Track Name: Wrong About Her
I'm sick and tired of waking up
And feeling bad for what I've done
Sunken eyes, a sinking low
Razor blades stuck in my throat

It's times llike these I wonder
If I was wrong about her

I need to stop it all, I'll fix it now
With excercise, with what i can
But I've been here before, before today
With these ideas, that went away

It's times llike these I wonder
If I was wrong about her
It's times llike these I wonder
If I was wrong about her
Track Name: Waiting For a Quantum Leap Boxset To Arrive
I got up early today
Just incase the postman came
With my new DVDs
A Quantum Leap boxset is coming from Guernsey

And How I'd love to see him now
Posting all his daily rounds
With a big smile upon his face
Knowing he'll brighten up my day

What will Sam Beckett do about his next predicament?
Ask Al, ask Ziggy, a flashing little box from the future.

Now he's just across the street
He seems to be dragging his feet
I hope it's not a sign
That my delivery did not arrive on time

Just a few more doors away
The moment come, the moment came
He posted junk mail through the door
But he was not at fault at all

"So don't feel bad now"
I opened up the door and shouted up the street
But he was just too sad now
That he couldn't even look, he couldn't look at me
Track Name: Seagal
Born in April 52
A seven dan black belt in Aikido
Grappling and throwing his enemies
He used to be a chef
Working the USS Missouri
Known as Casey
A former Navy Seal

But his ship went under siege
Steven Segal, where are you now, when ships go under siege?
It's been too long, so get back on, our television screens

But one night sat on the couch
I started flicking thought the TV
Through channels we see
But never want to see
I almost lost my mind
Stevey in a reality program
As a policeman
Fighting LA crime

Deputisation, honour, trust
Steven Seagal, we've got you now, backed up on Sky Plus
And please don't stray, from who you are
And stay away from zombie films

Oh no, please say it's not true
On April 12 2010
23 year old Kayden Nguyen
Files a lawsuit against Seagal
For sexual harassment and trafficking of flange
The role of personal assistant
Didn't state any penetration
On April 13 2010
Seagal's attorney said she's made it up
Oh Marty Singer I hope you're right
I don't want my hero to be a bad guy
Because Under Siege and Under Siege 2
Were more than films they taught morals too
But this fiasco could taint the name
That taught us good will prevail again
So jury I beg you if this is true
Just think of the damage to your kids it might do
Oh no, please say it's not true
Track Name: Logan
A change from green to red
Your days must end
On a carousel
4 years too soon
Befriend those who
Talk of life outside these walls

Only you can stop machines
Controlling how we think
And when to die
So Logan 5
Use the ankh you found
And run to safer grounds
And through the doors
That were locked before
A brand new world all for you

Track Name: And Now It's Blood
It got to me this morning
My hand cut up and red
But I didn't get in a fight I punched a garden fence instead
Or so I'm told
So I've been told
So I've been told

I'm sick to death of sorry
I hear it everyday
The word comes out my mouth when I don't know what to say
It's getting old
It's getting old, so I've been told

The last to leave the bottle
The last to set off home
The first to take a tumble smash his face and break his bones
And now it's blood
In his memory
From the night you spent your wages just to set yourself free

Stumble through the daytime
And stumble through the night
A shadow of a man who doesn't know wrong from right
Who never learns, who never learns

My mind is racing, pacing up and down the room
So write a song to right your wrongs you always do
It makes you feel like you are better than you are
But in real life you're just disguised
Your pride is selfish like your heart

And now it's blood
In his memory
From the night you spent your wages just to set yourself free
Track Name: Smile
Dripping down the walls
A 45
Invites you to the song
It sings tonight
Embrace it breathe it in
The harmony
It tells you where you've been
And what you've seen

The shimmer of the sun
Breaking through the trees
On pigeon nested tower flats
And dirty copper hats

Sticky toffee, red and yellow
Getting old but still in its wrapper
Pockets, empty all your pockets
Pockets, full of things to be found
Track Name: Brick
Lately, he's not got much to say
he's sick of the faces familiar with his day
So hides at work on the phones
Spending his dinner and ciggarette breaks alone

Fizzy, wrapped up in routine
Waiting at 10.58 by the drinks machine
A sneaky tow mintues before
He should be breaking to read his graphic novel

He doesn't want to
Get to know you

Hello and how have you been?
I see you read Heat magazine
What are you doing tonight?
Hasn't the weather been nice

His ego, thinks it knows what you'll say
But wasn't expecting the sack from its job today
Or the anger inside
He picks up a brick and decides there's no time to hide

They can't believe it
This man has lost it

Smashing the office apart
He feels like he's made a fresh start
Punching his boss in the face
Proud of the mark that he made